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2020 TechMould Annual Party - Jan. 2020

TIME:2020-01-03 80

The body and the soul always have one to have on the road!

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the company's team, our company had organized all employees to participate in the tourism activities Nan Kunshan Hot Spring Resort in Huizhou on New Year's Day.

Nan Kunshan is a national AAAA tourist attraction and a key protected national forest park. It located in Longmen county, Huizhou city, Guangdong province, and bordered Guangzhou. It is known as "The oasis on the tropic of cancer", "The summer paradise in the south" and "The garden of the pearl river delta".

After the hot spring, we also held a prize draw in our villa. These are our lucky fellows.

prize draw.png

This activity is not only a good opportunity for everyone to relax, but also a good time to exercise the team. On the basis of showing the company's concern for employees, it is important to activate the company's team atmosphere, strengthen the communication and cooperation among employees, integrate the team spirit into the work, and create an atmosphere of unity, cohesion, vitality and endeavor of all employees.

Our two day and one-night tour were over, looking forward to our next better trip!

group photo 2.JPG