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Techmould STD For Injection Mold- Forword

TIME:2020-01-07 48

Techmould STD For Injection Mold- Forword.jpg


1.All 3D drawings are in same standard: providing unified design standard drawings for all Techmould customers.

2. Structure standardization: mold structure is as simple and reasonable as possible.

3. Minimize the cost of mold processing and materials, and minimize the cost of post injection.

4. Easy to process and assemble.

5. Standardize the design and details of all parts of the mold to avoid wasting time caused by repeated modification of drawings.

Note: If the customer does not have special requirement, carry on the design according to this design standard. If the customer has special requirements, the design will according to customer’s requirements first.


It is inevitable that this standard has shortcomings or omissions. If there are any shortcomings or reasonable suggestions, you are welcome to point out amendments.

The mentality of the designer is the main factor that determines the level of the designer:

1. Possible mentality: When facing a very complicated case, it is necessary to believe that the case can be completed, rather than thinking that the customer's product is defective or is not suitable for injection molding before it has been checked clearly.

2. Have a normal mentality after the error occurs: If the mold is found to have a design error, should feel self-blame, should analyze the cause instead of making an excuse, and must find the correct method to ensure the mistake will not occur next time.

3. Have a rechecking mentality: When have finished the project, must believe that there must be a lot of problems in it, and then search for it until find it.

4. Optimized design mentality: A good designer must be care during the design process, and always considers the simplicity of processing to save cost.

5. Avoid the highest risk mentality: Grasp the major events that may occur in each set of mold, then will avoid the highest risk.

6. In the design process, should give more attention to processing and assembly issues, as far as possible to simplify processing and assembly feasibility.

7. The strength of the designer is mainly only three points: 1) Can make complicated products with wide knowledge; 2) High accuracy rate 3) Fast speed. As long as one of these conditions is met, there will be a great advantage.


The technology of the mold industry is unfathomable. We hope everyone can work together to discuss and learn together ... Thank you for your support to our company.