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Techmould STD For Plastic Injection Mold- 3D Mold Drawing

TIME:2020-01-08 50


The layer number

of cavity insert

The layer number

of core insert


2~9100-109MoldbaseCavity insert: A plate, top plate, gate plate... should be put in No.2, 3, 4...9.
Core insert:B plate, bottom plate, support plate, die plate... should be put in No.101, 102, 103...109.
The parting surface support block and template wear block in the mold part must be placed on the same layer as the template where it is installed. The other accessory parts, such as guide post, bushing, return pin, guide pin, shoulder guide bushing, stop pin... should be placed on the same layer as the template where it is installed, or be placed in a layer other than the template
10~19110~119Mold InsetExpect cam block and lifter, all the molding parts shoud be puted here. Such as insert pin and date stamp.
20~29120~129Mold SlideSuch as cam block, parting lock set, guide post, guide rail...
30~39130~139Mold LipterSuch as lifter, angle ejector rod...
40~49140~149Mold RunnerSuch as locating ring, hot runner system...
50~59150~159Mold CoolingSuch as tap, cap, baffle, seal, stopcock...
60~69160~169EjectorSuch as ejector bar, ejector pin, ejector sleeve, air ejector.(The recommended order is, ejector bar→ejector pin→ejector sleeve→ air ejector)  The ejector pin and ejector with different diameters shoud be in different colors.
70~74170~174Mold CTRSuch as nylon plug, limited post lock plate, etc.
75~79175~179Oil-GasSuch as cylinder, oil nozzle, air cylinder, gas nozzle, oil tube...
80~89180~189OtherIndistinguishable parts are placed on this layer.
90~94190~194MoldMinPartsSuch as coil spring and dowel pin, which should be put in the layer of the component they are working on.
95~99195~199MoldLockPartsThe ring head and cup head screws in the template are placed here, and other fasteners should be placed in the layer of the functioning component. For example, the screw that locks the shovel is placed in the layer where the shovel is located, and the screw that locks the ring is placed in the layer where the positioning ring is located.

Note: If the customer has assembly requirements, assemble according to the requirements.