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Techmould STD For Plastic Injection Mold- Injection Machine

TIME:2020-03-11 19

Injection Machine.jpg

The following information should be checked from the injection molding machine data:

1.What is the clamping force?

For example: 580KN on the left, that is, the injection molding machine is 58T.

2. What are the locating rings? Whether the diameter is consistent with the  mold design? Whether the customer need a locating ring of core insert?

3. What is the maximum / minimum die thickness? Whether meet the teloerance requirements?

4. What is the SR of the nozzle? Whether meet the requirements?

5. Whether the position, diameter and numbers of KO holes are consistent with the mold?

6. What is the size of KO teeth?

Note: Sprue SR ≧ Machine SR