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Fire drill in Tech mould co.,ltd - Aug. 2019

TIME:2019-08-23 50

In order to further improve the safety awareness of all staff, familiar with the alarm, receiving, checking, police procedures and methods. We will use portable fire extinguishers to fight the initial fire and evacuate people and valuable materials in injection mould and plastic molding workshop.

According to the plan, we organized a Tech Mould’s fire drill for all staff on 26th, November 2019.

The fire drill began at 2 pm and ended at 3 pm. The whole fire drill from call 119 and the firefighter receiving the alarm, investigating and deploying. They are fire fighting and making all staff evacuation.

The action and order of firefighter personnel are so quick and clear. The firefighter is shortly and accurately in the process of all actions. After taking the call-taking, the departments must assign tasks in time, and the departments and departments must cooperate closely, and take corresponding actions at the same time. So the vast majority of the staff also give full play to the team spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance in there.

Through this fire drill, all the staff will further improve the fire emergency plan of the factory. The fire drill improves the fire safety quality of the staff and enhances the overall self-rescue ability of the factory. It also creates a safe and comfortable environment for all the staff in injection mould and plastic molding workshop in Tech mould co.,LTD