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Tech Mould has around 20 years' experience designing, producing, and running injection mold tooling globally,even some of the world’s big companies. Our Injection Molding builds a diverse assortment of molds, from small, single-cavity prototypes to 64-cavity, high-production molds. Our experience allows us to create molds for a variety of materials used by our customers, such as PVC, Polyethylene, and Polycarbonate.



Tech Mould is strongly committed to quality and quality control systems are accredited to ISO9000:2015 . The document control system goes through all the production & quality control inspection processes. We have independent quality control department who controls every quality inspection step from incoming material,production process, assembly, packing, as well as cargo shipment. We have established quality evaluation program for each process to assure our customer the best quality products and most professional service.


Project Management

Our design team is made up of 20 engineers over 8 years working experiences.
1>We will analyze the product from the worp deformation, weld mark, air trap, draft angle and assembly, and we will give customer some suggestions to show the problem in illustration and comments.

2>We’ll organize 3 times review meetings for part 3D model, 2D&3D mould drawing to detailed drawings,

3>Our project engineers,mould designers,mould skilled workers and technical managers attend the meeting and give their concrete proposal, to make related worker to understand clearly the customer and designer requirements and technique realization,

4>We will report the schedule and send the process photos to our clients Mondays.

5>After T1 mould trial,we will send test report,measure report and mould running videos to our clients.

6>Before shipping the moulds,we will check every mould components carefully and taking the photos and burn the photos and 2D&3D mould drawings and electrode drawings into CD for the clients